Episode 69 – Making It in the Art World by Brainard Carey / How the Book Can Be Used in Different Countries

How the Book Can Be Used in Different Countries

To be an artist in any of the cities today, as well as tomorrow, you need to earn a living in one way or another, and balance that with your art. As rent prices increase and living looks like it will not get any cheaper, we must all find ways to earn money to support our dreams as well as our monthly expenses. Many artists end up bitter at having to give up their practice of art to settle for a reliable job. It is a difficult choice. All the while, artists and creative people are seeing other creative people make fantastic livings at what they do, getting plenty of press attention and reviews, and think in some form, “Why can’t I do that?” Herein lie some of the answers for many artists.

Almost all of the resources mentioned in this book apply to international artists. Because of the online presence of slide registries in New York and elsewhere, anyone that has access to a computer can use resources that will offer them more expo- sure.

But more importantly, no matter where you live, there are people around you that can help in some way. In chapter 4, we discuss how to map the entire area where you live and make lists of important places and people for you to contact. This is a universal concept: how to make a friend. In all walks of life and in any town, the issue of how we befriend people and make good business contacts is essential. One of the guiding principles that will run through this book is how to be direct and polite in making new relationships. And that idea can be used in any city in the world, or any town, provided there are people there!

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