Episode 85 – Making It in the Art World by Brainard Carey / Confidence and Why It Matters

Confidence and Why It Matters

The role of confidence in your art-making is one of the corner- stones of being a professional. If you can’t find a way to become confident about what you do, it will translate that way to the buying public. The first step to take, or acknowledge, is that you have something to say, a desire to share your work with the world. After asking yourself this question, “Do I have something worth sharing?” think carefully about your answer. Perhaps you are not sure, or maybe you do think you might have something worth sharing. Take your time with this question, because if you look over all the reasons you have to be an artist, one of them is surely that you have something to offer the world that is yours alone.

Art should be fun

Often when I am working with artists as a mentor, this is the biggest issue. Confidence is often something that is built up slowly, and deliberately. One woman I worked with didn’t show her work in almost ten years, and she was in her fifties, trying to sell work again. To build her confidence, she began applying to juried shows that you will see on lists like artdeadlines.com. They are not too difficult to get into and often cost you money, and may not be the best shows, but they build confidence because you will be accepted into many of them.

Then she went to the local council on the arts and found out about other shows in her area that were juried and began applying to all of them. Soon she got into a local show, not at a gallery, but a center for the arts or a library. It may not seem like a big show, but it built her confidence, and she was able to move on. One of the most important issues is how you communicate what it is you do and what kind of work you do. It is this that builds confidence, if you can answer that quickly and with a sense of enthusiasm.

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