Episode 101 – Making It in the Art World by Brainard Carey / Presentation and Lecture Tools (Not PowerPoint!)

Presentation and Lecture Tools (Not PowerPoint!)

When you begin to present yourself and your work for different audiences, you need a basic plan to begin with. Traditionally, PowerPoint has been the digital tool of choice that has replaced the slide projector.

But first let’s talk about the audience. Are you presenting your work for a grant or fellowship? Or presenting your work for a university audience? You might want to present your work and yourself to a potential funder. All of the above people require a similar approach with slight differences in tone or delivery, but how do you create a basic presentation? At this point in time, I would suggest Prezi, which is a fairly new but very sophisticated update of PowerPoint presentation.

You can still deliver a certain amount of information in a narrative order if you like, but there is something more interesting and dynamic about Prezi. To begin with, you first assemble in a folder on your computer some things related to your presentation. Then, instead of the typical slide show of PowerPoint, you are using a nonlinear approach. Prezi has a way of letting you put all your information down on a desktop, your pictures and blocks of text, and then you simply draw lines between them in the order you want it to be presented. It is very visual and easy to use, so I suggest going to their website to see it for yourself. The advantage to this is that you can present it directly from your computer, or it can remain on the Prezi website so you can present with any computer that is online. If you feel uncomfortable with it, PowerPoint is the next best option, but I strongly urge you to explore Prezi as it is much more exciting to look at.

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