Episode 102 – Making It in the Art World by Brainard Carey / Relationships in the Art World and How to Maintain Them

Chapter 4

Relationships in the Art World and How to Maintain Them

As we leave the realm of formal education at the level of high school or any level of college, the choices the world presents in terms of living are quite stark. Money is king. That is it, really. It does not mean that you cannot chase your dream and have it, but you have to find a way to fund it. You must build the friendships that it takes to get there in a sincere way as well.

Wealthy Friends

Once I was in a local restaurant with my wife talking to a young, charismatic waiter who had just gained admission to an elite high school that he described as looking like Hogwarts of Harry Potter. We asked him what he wanted to do, and he said, “I want to be a governor of the state or something like that, in  politics.” As he told us more, he also described his main hurdle. All his friends, he said, come from extremely rich families, and he lives with his mother, who doesn’t have much money. The key, he said, is to figure out how to get all that money to run for office. He hoped his friends would help him, but he made clear that without a lot of money, he could not even come close to his ideas. It was exciting to hear his enthusiasm and see his bright teenage eyes. It seemed like he was making a bold move that had a good chance of working. When we came back to the restaurant a year later, we asked him how school was going. With a smile, he said he had changed his plans. He told us that the students he was working with were all very rich, and they had their own set of rules for how life works out. He said he found that their outlook was mean-spirited and he wasn’t interested. He dropped out. Now he wants to make videos but is not sure, and for the time being, he continues to work in the restaurant.

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