Episode 110 – Making It in the Art World by Brainard Carey / Closing a Deal

Closing a Deal

The last step is to get the check or cash in your hand. This is the part where you must be brave. Even gallery owners have difficulty closing a sale, but it is not that difficult. Like before, making the person comfortable is the first step, and after talking to them and involving them in the work, you can say something like, “Would you like to have this?” It is simple and bold, but they have to respond while you are smiling, waiting for an answer. They will probably say something like, “Yes, but… ”And then if you want to be smooth but effective, interrupt with, “For only $100, you could have it—as a down payment.” They are still comfort- able; you have gotten to the point quickly.

If they want to purchase something from you, you have made it easy, and if not, they can get out quickly now. They will either say, “No thank you,” and you can leave it there and go on with the story, or they will say, “$100?” And then you say, “I will negotiate, but for a $100 deposit, it’s yours, and then we can work out a payment arrangement for the rest.” If they still seem at all interested, you can go on to say, “The total cost is $5,000, but yes, for a small deposit and what- ever arrangement we make, it’s yours. I could have it delivered next week.” That may have seemed aggressive to you, but it is a polite, brief way to get the visitor to agree to your terms and get it out of the way. Otherwise, it is also a way to end the conversation about it if they are not interested.

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