Episode 173 – New Markets for Artists

New Markets for Artists

The reason I wrote this book was in answer to the many artists who receive my newsletter, The Art World Demystified. It is also for all those who continue to seek my services as a coach to help with building a strategy for their  career.

It has been incredibly rewarding for myself as a professional artist and coach to work with individuals whose career took a turn for the better after focused commitment. I want to thank all of you who have been a part of the newsletter and all of those who may be part of it in the future. Much of the information on the web site, http://yourartmentor.com, was designed for artists and is regularly updated with feedback I remain grateful for.

My wife Delia Carey, is half of everything I do with The Art World Demystified, and though I am the “talker” so to speak, we run this educational resource together, and without her, it would not exist. I remain grateful for her beyond measure but in the case of this book, she has also been an excellent editor and source of encouragement and love. 🙂

My father, Marvin Salzberg has been a great support and continues to be as my late mother, Joan Egeland-Scott was.

When I interview artists I often ask about their parents, and it is usually no coincidence that one of the hardest professions on the planet had some real love and support behind it in the form of parents. Of course that is not always the case, but in mine it was. I miss my mother tremendously and wish she could have seen my first book published, but I know that her voice is in the words I write throughout this book.

My son, Shiva Carey has also been a great supporter of my work, and while that might seem natural, he has the insights of a writer at a young age and it has served me well. Also his ability to teach me about games like Portal, Mortal Combat and Assasins Creed, has allowed me to understand the immense power and artistry of the video gaming industry, largely built by visionary artists. Without him, I would be at a loss to understand it all, and of course without him, I would not be having nearly as much fun playing all the games I do.

Skyhorse Publishing has been a pleasure to work with, and in an age of electronic books, they are a publisher who still makes beautiful books, with special attention to cover art, paper stock and the general beauty of the printed book. How can I not love them?

Richard Bolger, longtime friend and excellent photographer, created the cover photograph for this book and the last one, and without him, I believe this book would not be nearly as sexy as it it. Thank you Rich.

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