Episode 187 – New Markets for Artists / Privacy Concerns

Privacy Concerns

I want you to enjoy Facebook and find it easy to use, but the privacy settings are up to you. No matter how secure the billion-dollar network  of Facebook  may be, hackers  can find a way to access your personal information or fool you into signing up for silly Facebook games that could end up being a problem. I am not trying to scare you, but we are all taking a risk by putting our information out there. At the same time, you are an artist, and that is part of your mission, to show and exhibit your art, your writings, and your interesting self, and you can’t share all this with the world without incurring some risk.

Adding Friends

Now it’s  time to begin using Facebook and adding friends. If you have added a photo and some information, go to the bottom of the screen and click the button that says, “save changes.” You will also be asked if you want to invite your friends. If you provide Facebook with your email account it can send messages to all of the email addresses associated with your account to ask all contacts if they want to join you on Facebook. You can do this at any time. If you are not sure whether you want to invite all your friends, just wait until later, and click “skip” on that step.

Begin Using Facebook

When you are logged in to Facebook, you will see there are two words in the upper right hand corner of the screen: “Home” and your name. These are the two main portals that you can use to navigate all of Facebook. You will split most of your time between Home and your Profile, which is the button with your name on it. For now, click on the “Home” button. Now look near the top of the page, and there is an empty field that says, “What’s on your mind?” Stop. Now click on the “Profile” button which is your name, and locate that similar empty field at the top of the page. It is the same field, and you can use it to enter a short phrase about anything or a link to an interesting video, article, etc. Stop now and write something in that space. It’s simple; just do as it says and write whatever is “on your mind.” You could write, “I am becoming a Facebook Jedi Master though I am still a Padawan.” Or you could say something very casual, like “Just turned on the new air conditioner!” After you type in your first phrase, click the button that says “Post.” Hitting your return or enter key is not enough; you have to actually click the post button. Once you’ve done that you will have sent out your first “status update.” You can use your status updates to tell people about an art project you are working on to a dream you had or a show you saw recently that was particularly good.

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