Episode 188 – New Markets for Artists / The News Feed

The News Feed

The next step is to go to the Home button in the top right-hand corner of your Facebook page and click on it. That home button will take you to what is called the news feed. The page you are now looking at, the news feed, is a list of phrases and photos that people have put on Facebook in the last hour  or  so. If you have added friends and they have been active on Facebook in the past couple of hours, you will see their names and the things they have posted. If not, you will see other people’s postings. This page, the “News Feed,” is the heart of the Facebook community. I will not ask you to spend more than fifteen minutes per day on this. You could do even less and still be very effective in sharing the images that you make. You can look the News Feed over and scroll down it to see if you find anything interesting, like an opinion you agree with (or one you don’t). If you like something you are reading in a short sentence, you can click the little word that says “like” next to it with an image of a thumbs-up. This is what it means to “like” someone or something on Facebook. You should know that you always have the option to “unlike” something in the future if you wish. Take your time to read through this page. This is where everyone is, making it the most interactive page on Facebook. You can make connections just by “liking” other peoples’ pictures and pages and making comments. If you get lost somehow, just click the “home” button again at the top right of the Facebook page, and you will be back on the News Feed page.

The Facebook Community and You

Commenting on other Facebooks users’ posts is very important at this stage, and I will explain why. The reason you are getting involved in Facebook at all is the same as the reason for building your website: You want to get your art “out there,” you want to connect with as many people who are interested in your art as possible, you want more possibilities. In short, you want new things to happen for you and your art. What makes Facebook special is that it comes with a built-in community, and you can and should take part in that community. In fact, in order to make it work, you have to participate. It’s really a simple give and take. If you want people to like you and your art, then you have to be interested in other people and other people’s art as well. This should come as a relief to anyone who has heard others criticize social networking platforms for making people less social and less generous. In fact, if you are checking out your Facebook home page and looking through the News Feed and liking and commenting, you are being social, and people notice. Yes, that’s right—they do. You can tell because when you post something, even if it is a status update about your breakfast, when someone comments, you notice. When someone either “likes” your comment or writes back, you are notified by email and it also displays on your Facebook page. This is the equivalent of throwing a bottle with a note in it out to sea and seeing if you get a response; if you get a response, you are definitely going to read it.

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