Episode 214 – New Markets for Artists / List of Targets

List of Targets

The next step for you to take at this level is to begin making a list of people you want to meet. If you don’t know who you want to meet, you can begin by searching for art in your geographical area, or you could look at the Facebook page of a local museum and see who their friends are. Some of those people will be collectors you could meet with. The key to finding a market for your art lies in making relationships with people who can help you. You will meet some people who are interesting and some who are not, which means that you will have awkward meetings and enjoyable ones, too.

Take These Steps

Make a plan to contact four new people every week through Facebook. That means not just sending one note to a bunch of people, but rather sending an individual Facebook message to someone you have found who collects or curates art or owns a gallery. This should be someone who is near you or near a city or neighborhood you could easily get to. The reason you give for wanting to meet can be simple: You are trying to meet more people and want to talk about art, that’s all. Make a list of at least ten people, and after committing to writing a certain number of letters per week, make it your job to pursue and make new friends in the flesh through Facebook. If you do this, you will be taking advantage of one of the greatest benefits of the platform, though certainly not the only one.

Commenting and Communicating with Institutions

You should also look at galleries and museums you enjoy and “like” them on Facebook. That will make them show up in your news feed, and then you should occasionally comment on something or “like” one of their shows. This will put you on their radar, and they will have a tendency to click on your page and see who you are and return the favor. Put up images regularly on your Facebook page and tell your friends about your art, also ask questions. This will stimulate conversation and spread the word about your art.

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