Episode 219 – New Markets for Artists / The Fine Print

The Fine Print

For example, there are apps that change your screen image or “wallpaper” to holiday themes. These simple, free apps can be the worst. One such app will tell you that it needs permission to access your phonebook. You might not think twice about it, but why your phone book? You have to evaluate the situation every time. In this scenario, there is no reason why an app that sends images needs access to your phone book unless it were designed to steal all your mailing addresses and info. It is very easy to download apps without thinking, but this goes to show why it’s so important to read the fine print. If you download an app, just read a little bit about the permissions the app requires. Any app that asks for access to your phone book is suspicious, so you should read reviews of it before downloading. This is less of an issue for the iPhone because the apps are screened carefully, but it can happen from time to time and is still a concern. Now that most people have their smartphones synched with their computers so that their calendars and email addresses are stored on their phones, an app can access all kinds of information and send your friends junk mail from your email address. This is not to scare you but rather to make you conscious of some of the dangers of downloading apps.

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