Episode 220 – New Markets for Artists / Make Your Own App

Make Your Own App

Now that I have explained how an app can be a dangerous tool for hackers, I will tell you how they can be useful to you as an artist, both as tools for promoting your work and as a means for creating an artwork in itself. With tablet computers becoming more popular and smartphone use on the rise, we are going to see more and more apps in the future. As the industry grows, greater security measures will be taken to reduce the number of hacking apps. However, just as the battle to stop junk email and spam is not over, this will probably take a while. So in the meantime, in the same way that we continue to use email, we can continue to use apps—and create them as well.

First Steps to Take to Create a Game or App for Facebook

Let’s begin with how to make an app on Facebook. Unlike iPhone apps and other smartphone apps, Facebook apps are designed to be played with on Facebook itself. You can get very creative with them, but Facebook makes it easy by offering templates that you can modify. For example, there’s a survey app or quiz that you often see on Facebook, with titles such as “What I have in common with Justin Bieber” or “What kind of animal are you?” The point of these is to get you to fill out your answers to a series of questions, and based on your answers, you are given a final grade or category of some kind. These may seem childish, silly, or worse, but people love to fill them out, and this is an easy way to begin to understand how you can use them.

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