Episode 221 – New Markets for Artists / Make a Quiz

Make a Quiz

You can make a quiz about anything at all. It can be intelligent, funny, and even educational. To give some examples, I created two quiz apps on Facebook. One was called “Are you an artist destined for greatness or a minor one?” In it, I set up about eight questions to answer. I had fun with it and created questions like “Why do you make art?” The three possible answers were: 1. I can’t think of anything else to do; 2. I want to make money; and 3. For art’s sake. Other questions included “Do you think money and art mix well?” Possible answers to that question were: 1. Sometimes, but not usually; 2. They go together like soul mates; and 3. I hate money because it seems to hate me. Of course, I was trying to have fun with my answers and make it entertaining. I  also got to decide what the final result would be depending on how the questions were answered. One of the final results was this: “Wow, wow, wow! You are a hottie, and it will not be long before you are plucked from obscurity. You have talent, charm, and make art that rocks the inner worlds of your audience. Soon you will be the spokesperson for your generation. Be proud, and lead the masses to cultural literacy!”

Go Viral

That quiz is fun, so it tends to get passed around, and as a result my name is seen in more places, because not only am  I listed as the creator, I put my name into some of the questions. To get the attention of curators I made a quiz called, “Are you a cutting-edge fine art curator?” And this is the description: “So you’re a curator, but are you cutting edge? Will you be chosen to curate the next Whitney Biennial or perhaps the Venice Biennial? Take this quiz and find out where you stand in the quirky art world that will determine your fate.” The quiz-taker answers more art world questions, and when they’ve finished, the app tells them what I think. I posted this quiz on the Facebook walls of curators and as they filled it out, they passed it on to other curators. One of the questions I asked was, “Who do you think are cutting-edge artists?” Among the answer choices, I included myself and my wife as one option and put us next to Picasso, John Currin, and a few friends. I was having fun with this one, but you can see how it also gets my name out there to curators. Not only that, quizzes likes these tend to get passed around, and because the result of the quiz is published on your Facebook wall, you will have it working for you while you do nothing. In other words, at no cost to you, your name could be passed around as part of a quiz while you get the benefit of that promotion.

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