Episode 222 – New Markets for Artists / An App as a Work of Art

An App as a Work of Art

Another approach to making an app or a game on Face- book is to make it a work of art in itself that is worth passing around. The app I made with this in mind is called “Box that opens when you close your eyes,” and it is a series of images and phrases that you can share with friends. The way the game is set up, you can put in perhaps twenty or more items, and then when people share one, they get a message that says that if they share it ten times, they will unlock a new gift, meaning that they will unlock another one of the picture and word combinations I made up.

Here are three examples of gifts that I made which are intended to be charming enough to share: a self-eating cake (accompanied by a picture of a cake); a soup that heals all wounds (with a  picture of a soup bowl); and a Qwerty Party (with a picture of a keyboard). All of these are a little more artsy than the quiz questions, but they are also more likely to be passed around if people are using them to send messages to friends. I made that one a year ago, and   it has been used fifty-seven thousand times so far! Is it art? Yes. Does it help me? I think so, because friends enjoy it and pass it along and they are reminded that I am an artist who works with abstract and poetic concepts. You could say I  am “branding” the work that I make under the name Praxis, which is the name under which my wife and I collaborate as artists.

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