Episode 234 – New Markets for Artists / Your Budget

Your Budget

Let’s say you want to spend $30 a month, which is pretty low to begin with. That’s about a dollar a day. The way it works is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. You can even decide how much you want to pay. Let’s say you decide to pay 10 cents a click. You may get a notice saying that is too low, but let’s imagine the amount of 10 cents per click is accepted. Every time someone clicks your ad, you will be charged 10 cents. If ten people click your ad in a day, your ad will not run until the next day begins because you just spent your dollar a day limit. Because you’re paying for that click, you want to be sure that your first page looks really good and gets the response you’re after, like a phone call or a purchase or a new e-newsletter subscriber. If you increase your budget to $60 a month, you could potentially have twice as many people clicking on your ad. But if you only want to pay 10 cents, you may not get any clicks at all, because other artists are competing with you for the top spot and they can drive up the price; if they are willing to pay 50 cents or more, Google will show their ads first.

One way to get around guessing how much to pay for a click is to make it automatic. That means Google will determine the best rate for you to pay so that you will be competitive, usually somewhere between 75 cents and a dollar. That may seem like a lot, but it really isn’t. If you are paying $60 a month for your ad, you could get 60–80 clicks for that amount. If those clicks generate one sale, you will probably be doing well. Google offers support for all aspects of AdWords, so don’t be intimidated or overwhelmed. It’s as simple as filling out forms and following directions.

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