Episode 235 – New Markets for Artists / Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

More and more I am seeing ads by artists on Facebook. This is a new way to reach an international audience, or a specific audience bounded by your location or other criteria. When I see ads on my Facebook page, they are all related to the arts somehow. There are ads for galleries, museums, artists, and yoga businesses. Why do I get those specific ads? Because when you use Facebook, you are constantly feeding personal information into it. You tell Facebook where you went to college, where you work, and what your interests and hobbies are. That is a lot of information to give out but, remarkably, millions of people do it.

The Facebook Advantage

Facebook’s popularity and its ability to glean personal data from its users give it an edge on Google AdWords in some ways. As of the writing of this book, there are more than 500 million active users on Facebook, and it’s growing all the time. Google has access to more people, with about 100 million searches a day and growing, but Google can’t target a specific audience as effectively as Facebook. That’s because Google does not have all the personal information about you that Facebook has.

Also, when you make an ad for Facebook, you can use a picture, and for an artist that makes a big difference. Ads created for Google AdWords only use text, which makes it very clean looking when you search, but not as visual as Facebook. Facebook ads work in more or less the same as the way as Google AdWords. You pay per click and the process of setting up a campaign is very similar. The big difference on Facebook is that you can include a picture with your ad and the ways in which you can define your search.

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