Episode 240 – New Markets for Artists / Success for Abbey Ryan

Why Success for Abbey Ryan?

There are many painters who follow this type of process, but Abbey Ryan has been particularly successful, so let’s examine why that is. To begin with, she was very consistent in her approach, especially during the first year. To put up a painting on eBay every day takes more than work; it takes dedication, especially when the prices are low and people aren’t bidding. In her first year, Ryan worked very hard and wasn’t making much money. Could you do that?

Ryan’s commitment was certainly one of the keys to her success. But let’s look at how she managed her online market. She was using three sources at first: eBay, a blog, and her website. That’s a total of three forums to update and manage every single day. It wasn’t very hard work, but she had to learn how to do it, and that takes time. That was some of what she learned and worked through in her first year. Also, she wasn’t shy about promoting her work and sending links to blogs and news outlets that might write about her. Now, if she gets press anywhere, she high- lights it right away on her website and blog and shares it with the world. She has added Facebook and Twitter to the mix now and also offers giclée prints of her work at $50. All of her knowledge on this type of selling was gained in less than three years, so no matter what age you are or where you live, in a few years you could potentially have a whole new education and career.

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