Episode 242 – New Markets for Artists / Commitment


You should begin by making the decision to commit yourself to at least a year, but three years is better, because you can see how Abbey Ryan’s success grew very slowly. Next, you have to choose a platform for your daily postings in addition to eBay, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or a blog. I would choose just one of these to start with, not all four. Twitter is one of the easiest, because you can write a small sentence and post a picture. If you want to write more, then you should choose Facebook or a blog. If you only want to post an image, Ins- tagram is wonderful. Ryan started with a blog because that way she could write more about her work. She told me that at first she thought she didn’t need to write about her art; she felt that the image said it all. But then she found that people wanted to know more and that it helped to sell the work. So if you are armed with dedication and knowledge of eBay and blogging, you may be ready to go. If you want to hear the entire interview with Abbey Ryan, you can listen to it on this website: yourartmentor.com.

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