Episode 253 – New Markets for Artists / Realtors, Owners, and Developers

Realtors, Owners, and Developers

There won’t always be a realtor, and in those cases you will have to negotiate a price with the land owner or developer.  If you are talking with an owner, the process will be similar to negotiating with a realtor. Tell them who you are and that you want to exhibit your art in their space and chances are they will be willing to work with you for two reasons. The first reason is that to hang art on the walls and leave the rest of the space untouched is not likely to cause any significant damage to the property—and you can sweeten your offer by agreeing to coat the walls in white paint. The second reason is that the people who will be coming to view your art will mostly be middle-class art lovers who are not likely to cause trouble and are also potential clients for the realtor. These will be your selling points for both private owners and the realtors. The upside for the realtor is that you are drawing attention to their space, cleaning it up, and increasing the likelihood of someone else being interested in renting it. There is nothing like an empty room with art on the walls to inspire others to think about what they could do with that space.

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