Episode 256 – New Markets for Artists / Government Agencies/Nonprofit Institutions

Government Agencies/Nonprofit Institutions

Working with local government agencies is still a good path for making public art, but the players have changed. There is a non-profit art group in New York City called Creative Time, and they have been at the forefront of commissioning new and innovative public art. Their goal (shared by many other agencies like them) is to find out new and exciting ways to engage the public with art. The first project I saw by Creative Time was done in Times Square in NYC where dozens of giant video walls flash ads and videos of various companies. Creative Time made a deal with one of the owners of the video walls that allotted the first minute of each hour for an artist’s use. That meant twenty four times a day an artist’s video played on these screens. Great idea isn’t it? That section of New York City is a huge tourist attraction, and the likelihood of the artist’s work being seen was great. And even if the viewers don’t recognize an artist’s work at first sight, the work will likely be different from all the ads around it, creating curiosity and intrigue. Billboards have been used in the same manner, with art agencies and artists renting space to showcase their work. There are other types of nontraditional public art, but these are just a few examples.

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