Episode 266 – New Markets for Artists / What You Need to Begin

What You Need to Begin

To become an art consultant you need three things: Your images must be online so they can be easily seen, you need professional contacts, and you should have prices ready for prints. Most important are the contact information of the art consultants you want to work with. I would suggest you begin by searching Google for the art consultants in your area. There are several in major cities, but you can also find them scattered across the United States and the rest of the world. I regularly publish an updated list of art consultants on my newsletter which is available through my website, yourartmentor.com.

Reputable  Consultants

When you are searching for consultants, look at their websites first so you can determine if they sell other artists’ work to other institutions—this is the kind of consultant you want. You don’t want consultants looking for private clients to build art collections. Take your time and build a good list. Once you have fifty names you are ready to begin.

How to Contact Consultants

You can start by sending them a brief, professional email. Do not attach images to your messages because mail programs might automatically flag your email as junk mail, and some people are hesitant to open large attachments from unknown senders because of computer viruses. When I receive image attachments they are usually so large that in order to see them in their entirety I have to download them to my desktop and open them up again. This is an inconvenience that can be easily avoided by simply providing a link to your images in the body of your email, rather than sending attachments.

Make a Simple Link

The link should direct them to a page where all your images are neatly displayed. Be sure not to send a link that goes to a home page that requires additional clicks to get to your images. Even if you are not a web page designer, there are several easy ways to send direct links. If you have a Gmail account, you can also log in and use Picasa, which is a photo sharing site like Flickr that is run by Google. Photo sharing sites allow you to upload and share your images very easily. Once you upload images to Picasa or Flickr, you can then send a link to a particular group of images or an album of photographs.

To learn more about Brainard Carey and his services for artists, or to take a class from him, click here.  To join one of his free weekly webinars, click here. To download the workbook mentioned in this series, click here.


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