Episode 269 – New Markets for Artists / The Daily Grind

Chapter 10

The Daily Grind: Managing Time and the Dream of Art

As you use this book to supplement your personal strategies and advance your career, you may find that it is difficult to efficiently manage your time. As you develop new markets and further develop ones that already exist, you run into the problem that all entrepreneurs run into—how to get more time out of your already full day. In this chapter, I will present some techniques that can help you manage your time so that you feel good about what you have accomplished by the end of each day.

Daily Calendar

Using a daily calendar is a good place to start. In the age of smartphones and computers, online calendars have several advantages. I use Google Calendar as well as iCal, which is the calendar application that comes pre-installed on Mac computers. If you have a Mac and an iPhone, you might also consider using the Apple service Mobileme, or the latest version of it, which allows you to easily sync up all of your contacts so that if you type an event or contact into your calendar from your computer, it automatically goes into your phone as well, and vice versa.

Online Calendar-Sync Services

The Mobileme service is $99 per year as of this writing, but the Google equivalent is free. With Google Calendar, one of the many features that come with a Gmail account, you can also sync events and contacts to your mobile device. What I find handy about Google Calendar is that I can also sync my daily work schedule and events with other computers, so if my wife has Google Calendar on her computer, I can access and update my information there as well so she sees it when I enter in a new meeting. This versatility makes planning and changing schedules on the go much easier. If I am out at a meeting and someone asks when we can set up another meet- ing, I can use my phone calendar to pick a time that works with my schedule. That’s why I strongly suggest using a calendar system like this of some kind to keep times and tasks organized.

Using Other Calendars

You can even import other peoples’ calendars into yours, which can be helpful in planning your own daily or weekly activities. For example, I am currently writing this book in one of the libraries at Yale University. On the Yale website they list their operating hours and the days they are closed. I downloaded this information directly to my personal calendar, so now I always know when I can do my work at the library. And if I find that the new information looks too messy or confusing on top of my own, I can turn the library calendar off with a single click. And even though I have one calendar for work, I keep another calendar that I share with my wife, which includes more activities. In this home calendar, I list my son’s special classes, and any of his upcoming events that I should attend. As I said earlier, all of these events sync up with my phone right away. When I am at an art opening and I meet someone who invites me to their opening, I just enter it into my calendar, and I will never forget it.

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