Episode 275 – New Markets for Artists / Your Sales Pitch

Your Sales Pitch

I tell that story to illustrate how a good, simple sales pitch can be extremely effective during a studio visit. When people come to your studio, they are potential customers. You can guess fairly quickly who does and doesn’t have money to spend, but you’ll be surprised sometimes.

The Soft but Enthusiastic Sell

When I owned a gallery, I once had an exhibit of a series of paintings on ironing boards by an artist that I liked very much. A friend of mine came to the gallery, and I started telling her how much I liked the paintings. We walked around, and I enthusiastically explained what the paintings meant to me and why each one was interesting, and to my astonishment, she said she wanted to buy one. I didn’t think she had any money, but it turned out she had just inherited some from a family member.

Reading Your Potential Collector

When my wife and I were in the gallery with the Dalí prints, we looked like potential buyers even though we are not big collectors and would not normally (but could, in theory) buy art for several thousand dollars. The first rule of studio visits is never assume your visitors don’t have money to spend. Simply try to get them interested in the artwork itself. All the woman at the Dalí gallery had to do to engage me was ask what my favorite print was. That one line got things going.

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