Episode 276 – New Markets for Artists / Questions to Ask

Questions to Ask

You should also brainstorm some good conversation starters that you can use to get your visitors personally involved in the exhibit. It is hard for anyone to talk about art, especially when they don’t have many opportunities to in their daily life, but anyone can pick a favorite piece without having an artistic ex- planation for why they like it. If you do get someone to point out a piece they like, explain to them why it is special and talk about what it means to you. Even if you don’t have have a story or historical context about the piece, you can say something about how it was made or what influenced its creation. You want to teach them something about the work they are drawn to—and they want you to teach them. It also doesn’t hurt to say that the piece they chose is your favorite also. Doing so helps create a stronger connection with your visitor.

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