Episode 280 – New Markets for Artists / Being Direct about a Sale

Being Direct about a Sale

If after discussing a piece of art you can see that they are even mildly interested, you can say, “Would you like to own this piece?” That might catch them off guard and they will say, “Uh. I don’t know, maybe.” Most likely they will say yes, because they have been looking at the art with you and have already become personally invested with it. Now that you have gotten this far, it is your turn to say with affection, “I would really like you to have it if you really like it.” Then you can discuss the price. You can suggest a down payment of $300, or whatever you think is a reasonable amount, and then wait for their next question which should be, “How much is it?” At that point you can tell them that while negotiable, the price is $3,000 (or whatever price you have in mind) and can be paid in monthly payments.

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