Episode 298 – New Markets for Artists / Write with Humor

Write with Humor

There is another artist whose statement I read recently, a Brooklynite named William Powhida. His work is often very political and narrative, and he pokes fun at the art world by pointing out hypocrisy and art scandals similar to insider trading. He is an artist and art critic at the same time. He recently had a print for sale on the website 20×200, a place where artists can sell prints. When artists submit their work, it must be accompanied by a short statement as well. The print he was selling had the word “fuck” written in different styles and colors all over it, maybe 200 times. His artist statement read: “It would make a good shower curtain too.” His sense of humor, like Marlene Dumas’, is refreshing.

Reading Is Different Now

We are living in an age where people scan the Internet. Unlike traditional reading, people tend to scan Internet pages quick- ly, looking for pertinent information and facts, and then move on. Your online artist statement has to be either very brief and memorable, or an extremely compelling story (whether it is fact or fiction does not matter). But like a good article or novel, the first sentence should pull the reader in.

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