Free Webinar on Finding Patrons & Sponsors for Artists to support your art practice as well as Project ideas. You will learn to find and communicate with Individual, Corporate and Business Sponsors.

Presented By

Brainard Carey
Host of the Yale University radio series, Lives of the Artists, author of 3 books on professional development for artists, as well as a practicing artist who has had major museum exhibitions like the Whitney Museum Biennial.

When you register for this free webinar you will get my resources right away, including Open calls, Interviews with Artists and Curators from Yale radio and my booklet on How I got into the Whitney Museum Biennial. There is no fees for any of this. I do teach separate classes which is entirely optional, but this webinar and the resources I will send you are free and full of useable information.
You can ask any Question and I will give Answers at the end of the webinar.