Episode 227 – New Markets for Artists / LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a professional networking site, and you should consider adding it to your list of social media tools, because it has a slightly different function that sets it apart. Originally, it was intended for businesspeople trying to meet others in their fields. It works in a way that is similar to Facebook; you begin by entering information that is related to your work and, like Facebook, LinkedIn has the power to lead to introductions to curators and others who can help you. The concept of LinkedIn is that you describe your business and then, as you become friends with others, you become connected to their networks, and the concept of seven degrees of separation to almost anyone comes into play.

For example, let’s say I had a show at the Whitney Museum of American Art (which I did) and that one of the curators at the museum accepted my invitation to be connected on LinkedIn. Now, I could go to my LinkedIn profile, and look through all the curators’ connections. I may see people there that I want to meet. Instead of just writing to them, LinkedIn requires that I ask for an introduction. That means my friend who  is a curator at the museum has to send a note to introduce me to them, and LinkedIn makes that process very easy. For the serious artist who wants to make connections the way  a businessperson does, this is a great resource, and it’s one that you should not be without.

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