Episode 175 – New Markets for Artists / Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge

In the hyper-competitive world we are in, the latest software and hardware, as it applies to creativity and promotion, is part of a language in which you must be conversant. This book is like a language course, in that it is meant to enhance your ability to communicate your art and creative ideas to the world. It is also a map, a strategic guide, to help you plant your ideas in the right soil so they will grow. That soil is the physical world as well as the virtual one.


This is my second book on professional development for artists, and it can be used as a companion volume to the first one, Making It in the Art World. What is different about this book is that in it I focus primarily on the Internet as the main “new market” for artists. It is a territory that continues to grow rapidly, and has already provided artists with a full-time living. In chapter 6, I will talk about a graffiti artist who had a background in graphic design, working for an ad agency, and then quit his job to sell his art, first on the street and then on the Internet. When I interviewed him he said his thinking was that it didn’t make sense for him to look for a gallery, even in his hometown of New York City, because there were a billion potential customers out there on the Internet. That is the realm of new markets—how can you argue with his thinking? He is right. That does not mean that galleries no longer have their place. In fact, TMNK, the artist who sold his work on the street, also had several sold-out gallery shows  in Europe, and those galleries found him through work he displayed on the Internet and on the  street.

Sharing Efficiently, The Good News

What this means for artists is that there are more opportunities than ever, and there are more ways to raise money and put together shows through the new world of social networks, which continue to grow, enabling us to share more and more information. As an artist, that is what you are doing: you are sharing information, sharing your images and ideas. And that is what a participant, an artist in the new world market, has to become an expert in: the means to share efficiently.

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