Episode 202 – New Markets for Artists / Finding People

Finding  People

Next, go to the top of the page and click that profile button again to see the changes you just made. Now for the best part—and the easiest part—which is to follow people who you find interesting. So click the button on the top that says, “Who to follow.” After you click on that button you will see a new page, and on the left-hand side of that page you’ll see a long list of suggestions for whom to follow. When I did it in the summer of 2011 the first name was Barack Obama. When you follow someone, you are simply enabling your Twitter account to display what that person has tweeted. But let’s continue with how to follow someone. You see on your Twitter page that the button “who to follow” gives you a whole list of potential people to follow. Now all you have to do is look to the right of that person’s name and you will see a green button that says “Follow.” Click on that button and it will instantly turn into a bigger green button that says “Following.” If you want to “unfollow” that person, just click on the button again.

Now you know how to follow people and post tweets. If you are looking for more people to follow, you can look at other people who have Twitter accounts and see who they are following. You can do this by clicking on the name of the person you just followed. You will see her page and in the upper right-hand corner you’ll see the words, “followers” and “following.” Click on the word “following” to see a list of everyone they are following. Just as with the other list of people to follow, all you need to do is click “follow.” It should seem similar to the process of adding friends on Facebook.

If you choose not to go any further with Twitter, that’s all you need to know. Since we’ve been talking about your art website, you can do the same thing with Twitter that you did with Facebook. You can add a Twitter widget to your web- site’s homepage, right next to the Facebook widget, so that when people arrive on your web page they will also see your most recent tweets, or what those you follow are  tweeting.

More Advanced Techniques

The next chapter will cover more advanced techniques for Twitter and Facebook, but the wrap-up of this section is as follows. You will set up basic accounts on Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook, you will post pictures of your art and your studio and talk about them. You will also add friends and comment on other peoples’ posts. On Twitter, you will just make comments about your art and will eventually add  pictures  there  as  well.

You will follow people that are involved in the arts or related to art in some other way. The homepage of your personal  art website should have two widgets on the home page, one for Facebook and one for Twitter. Widgets are little boxes that your web designer can add for you. They’ll link to your Twitter and Facebook accounts and update automatically to display your most recent tweets and  posts.

Remember, it’s all about show and tell. Tell your story and listen to other people’s stories, and you’ll be on your way.

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Episode 201 – New Markets for Artists / Your First Tweet

Your First Tweet

Now that you have set up your account, click on the “home” button at the top of your Twitter account page. You should see an empty box there with these words above it: “What’s happening?” Take a deep breath and fill that little box up with some words. You could say, “I just opened my Twitter account!” Then click the button that says “Tweet.” With that, you have just sent your first tweet. For the most part, that’s all there is to Twitter. You can send out tweets as often as you like. The next step is the equivalent of adding friends on Facebook. On Twitter, it doesn’t have to be mutual. In other words, you can “follow” someone without him “following” you, and vice versa. If people boast about how many friends they have on Facebook, the equivalent on Twitter is boasting about how many people are following you. In order to understand this, we need to try it out.

Following People

Begin by clicking on the next button at the top of your Twitter page, the one that says “Profile.” When you click on  this you will see the page with your information on it. Now look at your picture if you have one, the way your name appears to the right of it, and most  importantly,  the  blurb  under your name that says a little bit about you. That little blurb is important, because that’s what everyone will read first to see what kind of a person you are. You can see how other people write theirs to get help, but if you want to keep it simple, you can just say something like, “I am an artist. I like to play video games, and I like to look at art.” You could certainly write something more interesting that says more about you, but this is a good start. The way you do that is to look just below your picture on the profile page and you will see the words “edit your profile.” Click on those words and you’ll see where to enter your first and last name and where you can enter your website information and a few other things. There are also more account settings on this page, but for now you can just update your information and click “save changes.”

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